Skincare Analysis

The Origins

From the moment I turned 18, I understood the importance of diligently caring for my skin, both morning and night. Throughout my life, I've wrestled with oily skin and open pores, constantly reaching for tissues to combat excess oil on my face. The struggle was real, with my makeup smudging and requiring continuous touch-ups throughout the day, due to excess sebum.

No matter how much I invested in pricey face creams or where I sourced them, I never achieved the "WOW factor" I was looking for. Countless brands crossed my path, but none fully satisfied me. They provided decent results, but never the level of satisfaction I longed for—an exceptional experience.

It felt as if the creams merely sat on the surface of my skin, instead of being fully absorbed, as if my face was a raincoat. During the day, my skin didn’t feel hydrated, it felt rather oily. Cleansing my face and removing makeup only led to an uncomfortable sensation of tightness, dryness, and a lack of suppleness, regardless of the products I used.

So I decided to create my own line of skincare products that hydrated my skin and absorbed quickly, so I didn't have to wait to put on my make-up and I didn't have to touch up during the day.

I infused each product with natural ingredients and developed formulas with a commitment to clean, green, and earth-friendly practices. My goal was to develop a range that catered specifically to the needs of busy, professional women like myself.

Thus, denéva was born—a tribute to my mother, Denise, and my grandmother, Eva. Both were incredible and nurturing women, who's legacy of love and care lives on in the company name and inspired me to honor them.

My primary focus was to address two crucial concerns: swift absorption of all products in my skincare routine, enabling me to apply makeup promptly before heading to work, and maintaining high hydration throughout the day without excessive oiliness.

In our collection, you will find a wealth of botanical ingredients, many of which are organic and meticulously hand-picked. We not only prioritize the use of botanicals, but also support sustainable, fair-trade agricultural practices and adhere to green manufacturing protocols.

Numerous ingredients in our formulations carry certifications such as EcoCert, NaTrue, and Organic Certified. We have a preference for naturally-sourced emulsifiers, fragrances, and colors, ensuring they are vegan or earth-friendly.

With locations in Kingston and Oakville Ontario, we proudly serve customers across Canada, the United States, and beyond. Our mission is to empower you with a skincare routine that enhances your natural beauty and instills a sense of confidence in your everyday life.

Welcome to denéva, where radiant skin meets your fast-paced lifestyle.