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Agent M - Episode 1 - Sometimes Your Morning Swim Takes 3 Days

Looking for the Full Agent M Series?

  • Equilibrium Facial Moisturizer

    Pamper your skin with the comforting embrace of rich lipids, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, carefully selected to restore and strengthen dry skin.

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  • Botanicals Facial Moisturizing Gel

    Indulge your skin with the nourishing benefits of our silky Botanicals Facial Moisturizing Gel, specifically formulated to provide the perfect amount of hydration without any sticky residue that can disrupt your skin's moisture balance.

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  • Opulent Facial Moisturizer

    Our carefully selected pampering nutrients work in harmony to support the appearance of healthy and vibrant skin. Enriched with the remarkable combination of DMAE, Cranberry Seed Oil, CoEnzyme Q10, and a blend of nourishing natural butters and oils, this moisturizer is a true gem suitable for most skin types.

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Pure-Performance Beauty with Hydrodistillation

The Science Behind Clean Skincare with Remarkable Efficacy

Hydrodistillation technology ensures that ingredients are pure, potent and absorb deeply into the skin to ensure a full spectrum of anti-aging properties.  

Combined with Nanoemulsion and Microencapsulation technologies, our formulas repair and revitalize your skin’s natural complexion and renew your youthful appearance. 


Advanced micro-encapsulation technology protects the stability and potency of the ingredients, allowing them to penetrate deeper into your skin.


Nanoemulsions increase the absorption of active ingredients using your skin’s natural warmth, pH and moisture to improve the efficiency of each formula.


The pure, highly absorbable formulas leave your skin feeling instantly soft. Over the next few weeks, the active ingredients help repair and revitalize your skin. You'll enjoy a more nourished, healthy complexion with more elasticity and fewer lines and wrinkles.

Why I Started a Skincare Company

"I've struggled with oily skin my entire life and I've tried hundreds of skincare products, but I couldn't find one that absorbed quickly and didn’t sit on the surface of my skin like a raincoat.

So I decided to create my own natural skincare line that hydrates and absorbs quickly, allowing for prompt makeup application for any skin type.

Our all-natural, cruelty free collections focus on healthy skincare and feature botanical and organic ingredients, while supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

Our manufacturing processes are clean, green, and earth-friendly with certifications like EcoCert, NaTrue, and Organic Certified. Every product is Health Canada approved and we prioritize vegan and earth-friendly emulsifiers, fragrances, and colors to ensure each collection promotes healthy skin and a healthy planet.

The denéva name is a legacy to my mother and grandmother, Denise and Éva, whose love and care inspired me to honor them. For me, running a Woman-Owned Business also comes with the responsibility to ensure we care for the planet."

Meet Chantal

Knowledge & News

  • Discover how natural ingredients in your skincare products help reverse years of free radical damage
  • Learn how we have combined science and nature to work together to give you the purest performance skincare available
  • Become part of the global community that saves the planet's pollinators and ultimately ourselves
  • Uncover the latest trends in the world of skincare and discover how they affect you
  • See what's new at denéva skincare and why you should care
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Dry & Dehydrated

Discover deep hydration for skin that feels soft and supple with products that unveil your natural glow

Discover the Equilibrium Collection for Dry & Dehydrated Skin


Find balance and hydration with products that cleanse and moisturize for an even-toned, glowing complexion

Discover the Botanicals Collection for Combination Skin


Since your skin is already in harmony, your skincare routine can focus on maintaining its natural splendor and protecting it from external factors

Discover the Opulent Collection for Normal Skin


Cleanse and decongest skin with products that unveil a clear, smooth and natural flawless finish.

Discover the Tranquility Collection for Oily Skin


Comfort skin with gentle products formulated with sensitive and reactive complexions in mind.

Discover the Serenity Collection for Sensitive Skin

  • Amélie

    My skin feels super soft!

    The products are super! Since I've been using them my skin feels super soft. 🤩 I'm happy because I don't have to wait...

  • Justin

    I can't recommend them enough!

    I am very satisfied with the deneva products. I have used skincare products for...

  • Stéphanie

    ...do not leave your skin feeling greasy

    I've been an esthetician for 26 years. Deneva has beautiful, elegant packaging...

  • Anna

    ... it feels like I've had a spa treatment...

    I've tried the cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer and I'm already obsessed...

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