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Nuna Ulta Professional Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy Wand

Nuna Ulta Professional Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy Wand

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Facial skin treatments with Nuna Ulta are effortless, comfortable, and yield both immediate and long-lasting results. Compatible with all skin types, the Nuna Ulta's effectiveness is exponentially increased when paired with denéva skincare products. The results are accelerated skin rejuvenation, for a multitude of concerns such as aging signs, skin elasticity, scars, rosacea, pigmentation, and acne.

While primarily designed for facial application, Nuna Ulta also demonstrates remarkable efficacy in reducing cellulite and stretch marks. Its medical-grade technology penetrates skin layers, promoting safe and painless cell turnover, suitable for diverse skin tones. Developed through extensive scientific research by leading experts in the field, this device ensures superior anti-aging and wrinkle reduction with just 20 minutes of use three times per week for two months. And then just once per month to maintain the skin's young appearance.

NUNA Ulta holds FDA 510k certification for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging, offering a gentle, downtime-free solution for skin enhancement.
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