Bridging Skincare Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

Bridging Skincare Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

denéva skincare was born from a passion to help humanity and the planet by focusing on natural, clean skincare that promotes personal wellness, while ensuring the longevity and wellbeing of our planet. 

When Chantal Tremblay, CEO of denéva skincare, started experimenting with natural and botanical ingredients in her lab, she had a vision of creating a holistic, clean skincare company that combined the best that nature had to offer with green manufacturing and advanced technology.  

While each of the nutrient rich products are infused with a high percentage of skin-friendly, active ingredients, the sourcing and green manufacturing processes had to also fit the vision of being fully eco-friendly, environmentally responsible and promote fair trade practices. Each ingredient is harvested to ensure it remains sustainable, while providing the growers with a livelihood that allows them to continue harvesting for years to come.

In addition to a focus on ingredients, Chantal is also very conscientious about process technology like Hydrodistillation, which ensures that ingredients are pure, potent and absorb deeply into the skin to ensure a full spectrum of anti-aging properties. Combined with Nanoemulsion and Microencapsulation technologies, the formulas repair and revitalize the skin’s natural complexion and renew a youthful appearance, by absorbing deeply into the skin. 

As committed as the company is to clean skincare and green manufacturing technology, it’s equally committed to social and environmental issues. The denéva skincare 🐝 Bee Protection Foundation, for example, joined forces with Pollinator Partnership Canada to promote education about the importance of bees, fund research and development that benefits bee populations, and actively restore their habitat. 

By combining social and environmental initiatives with fair trade ingredients that are sourced from ethical suppliers as well as cutting-edge technological innovations, denéva skincare is one of the industry leaders who is setting the pace for clean skincare and a natural, radiant future. 

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